Images of the top 2013 Spuria irises

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Spuria Iris Society

Eric Niew Award

 2015                          A        
2014Golden Dukat 

2013 Ranking    

      Cultivar Name    Hybridizer,  Year

31    Zulu Chief    Jenkins, 1992

18    Stella Irene    Jenkins, 1995

17    Cinnamon Stick    Niswonger, 1983

16    Purple Concerto    Jenkins, 1993

15    Blue Rodeo    Jenkins, 1994

14    Bay of Silk    Blyth, 2003/04

14    Innovator    Hager, 1991

13    Ross Island    Price, 2012

12    Golden Ducat    Cadd, 2004

12    Line Dancing    Jenkins, 2007, by Comanche Acres

12    Noble Roman    Blyth, 1993/94

11    Color Focus    Jenkins, 1990

8    Countess Zeppelin    Hager, 1987

8    Midnight Rival    Johnsen, 1993

8    Out of Dreams    Cadd, 2004

2012 Ranking

In the Summer 2012 edition of the "Spuria News" our members were asked to vote for their favorite Spuria iris introductions.  Thanks to everyone who participated in this popularity poll.

Members cast 112 votes for 77 different Spuria iris introductions.  The introductions selected covered a period of over 100 years of Spuria hybirdizing, from 1899 to 2012.  The oldest Spuria iris selected was 'Premier' (Barr 1899) and the newest were 'Sellwood' and 'Ross Island' (both by Price, 2012).  Also selected was 'Twenty First Century' (Jim Hedgecock, 2011).

The hybridizer whose irises were selected the most was Eleanor McCown who hybridized Spuria irises between 1962 and 1994.  During her hybridizing she was awarded nine Eric Nies Awards and one Eric Nies Medal.  Twelve of her Spuria irises were selected in this poll included five of her Eric Nies Award winners:  'Highline Lavender', 'Imperial Bronze', 'Imperial Ruby', 'Adobe Sunset', and 'Janice Chesnik'.  

Nine cultivars tied for the top most popular Spuria iris position.  The hybridizer, or in this case hybridizers, who had the most Spuria irises appearing in the top nine were Anna and David Cadd.  Included was their 2011 Eric Nies Award winner 'Speeding Star'.  

Two other Eric Niew Award winners in the top nine were 'Cinnamon Stick' (Niswonger, 1983) and 'Countess Zeppelin' (Hager, 1987).

Top nine Cultivars for 2012

(in alphabetical order)

Cinnamon Stick    Niswonger  1983

Countess Zepplin    Hager 1987

Kiss of Caramel    Cadd 2002

Mythical Nights    Hedgecock 2009

Out Of Dreams    Cadd 2004

Ruffled Canary    McCown 1970

Saint Patrick's Gold    Cadd 2003

Speeding Star    Cadd 2002

Walk The Line    Hedgecock 2009